Friday, January 20, 2012

Overheating Betty overheats one last time; 11:47am,Thursday, at North Garden

Overheating Betty completed her life of resistance as a car yesterday at North Garden, near Dr. Ho's in Batesville VA.  Driving north on 29, Betty's interior lights magically came on , all of them simultaneously.  As she lit up for her final act of courage, the entire car lost power and rolled to a stop on a slight hill facing the Gulf station at North Garden.  I had my son, Rourke's cell phone which I used to call my daughter and my ex husband-Meanwhile a man who was well meaning, however didn't really have the time to help me offered to help me.  As I was pushing the car up into the parking lot he came towards me and alerted me that I would never be able to push Betty to a parking spot.  He was a man.  I am a woman.  I am woman pushing a car.  I stopped immediately remembering that he knew much more than I did about this situation.  This fellow then told me I must push Betty into the parking lot at the post office behind me.  Of course.  He and I started to push Betty backwards and she took off, racing down the hill at a much quicker speed.  The well meaning man then became annoyed with me shouting, "I thought you were going to steer, pull the break up".  I informed him I could not run as fast the car racing down the chill.  Then Betty smashed into a telephone pole.  The man kept telling me he thought I would jump in the car (like the Dukes of Hazzard -this is all I can imagine).  Then he says to leave my car where it is and not to forget my cell phone (Rourke's cell phone) which was on the roof of Betty throughout the entire incident.
I thanked the man as he left.
I then pushed Betty up the hill, although now about 100 yards farther than when I had originally began pushing her.  I parked Betty in a spot in the parking lot and rolled up her windows and got tangled in the electric seat belt one last time.
I waited for my daughter, Fiona to pick me up and take me to Charlottesville where I was meeting my ex husband for parent teacher conferences for my youngest son, Ammon.

When my children were little, instead playing "cars" they played broken down cars and the tow truck sometimes they played me screaming or crying. They built a liquor store out of legos. As well as playing mommy gets arrested and dragged of by the police at a protest-Through my parenting techniques I have provided much fodder for my children's stories, once they have become adults.

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  1. Wow. I am glad you weren't hurt through that. Batesville is a sweet little hamlet. Better the car died there then out in the middle of nowhere.